Absinth Reality modern art group

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Shamanov V.

Vadim Shamanov

Kyiv, Ukraine

Ukrainian abstraсt painter, received his training at the artistic studio of The National Union of Artists of Ukraine.

Co-founder of art group “Absinth Reality” jointly with Ukrainian photographer Alexander Shimbarovskiy.

 “Content should only vague guesses as in music … and oddly enough, these fresh, emotional paintings are often a consequence of the imposition of tens of layers of paint.” (Oleg Sidor-Gibelinda, Ukrainian art-сritic).                       

- Personal exhibition, Gallery ”Steps to meeting”, Kyiv, Ukraine
- First exhibition of Art-group ”Absinth Reality”, Art-Hall gallery of The Arts Support Fund, Kyiv, Ukraine
- Gallery «Stenlander», Stockholm, Sweden
- Gallery «Stenlander», Taxinge, Sweden
-«Form. Inside out», Art-Hall Gallery of The Art Support Fund, Kyiv, Ukraine
- Mironova gallery, Hotel Hyatt, Kyiv, Ukraine – «Art-Kyiv Contemporary», Кyiv, Ukraine
-«Resonance of perception», exhibition of the Art-group “Absinth reality”, Literary and Memorial Museum A. Gren Feodosia, Crimea, Ukraine
- «Approximation. Kyiv – Munich. Part II» «Kulturwerkstatt» gallery, Furstenfeldbruck, Germany
-«Form. Inside out», «WG Kunst» gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands 
- Exhibition at European Summit «Eastern Partnership», The Hague, Netherlands 
-«Form. Inside out», Exhibition of Art-group “Absinth reality”, Gallery «The House of Caviar, Wine and Art Gallery», The Hague, Netherlands
- Art-project “Ukrainians on the Cote D’Azur”, Centre Culturel de la Providence Vieux-Nice, Nice,  France 
- Participation at Contemporary Art Baden-Baden 2016, CAB-weekend, Germany 
- Post-event Exhibition “Contemporary Art Baden-Baden 2016”, Gallery “Camera”, Kyiv, Ukraine 
Feb.-Apr. 2017 – Participation in the Exhibition of Ukrainian Art, Cultural Diplomacy Ukraine-Germany project, Manufaktursalon, Baden-Baden, Germany
- 2010 – Auction’s house «Epoch»
- 2011 – Charitable auction «Karnavalia»
- 2011 – Charitable auction «Sounds of quiet» for support children with syndrome of autism


Shimbarovsky A.

Shimbarovsky A.

Alexander Shimbarovsky was born in 1974 in Kiev, Ukraine.

2012 - Master of arts, KNUTD (Kiev national university of technology and design), Faculty “Film/Video and Photographic Arts”. 

Professional photographer, graduated from college KNUTD specialty “Artistic Photography” received a degree in “photographer”

2009 – Member of the National Society of Photo Artists of Ukraine (NSPAU).

From January 2009 – in the art-group “Absinth reality” (with Vadim Shamanov).

Since 2010 – Lecturer in the First National School of TV in Ukraine. (www.1tvs.com.ua)