Absinth Reality modern art group



Vadim Shamanov was born in 1973.

In 1997 he graduated from the Kiev Institute of Culture on the guitar.
He was engaged in concert activity.Winner of International Competition.

1998-2001 – trained in the art studio at the National Union of Artists of Ukraine.

1999 – participated in the exhibition Kremenchug Union of Artists of Ukraine.

Since 2001, he took master classes with various masters of Kiev. Participated in design projects.

2003 – Personal exhibition in gallery “Step Towards” (Kiev). 
Since 2007 participates in exhibitions NSHU (Kiev).

2009 – creation of art group “Absinth reality” (with Alexander Shimbarovsky).

In March 2009 – the first exhibition of art-group in the gallery of Foundation for Promotion of Arts Development (Kiev).