Absinth Reality modern art group



Alexander Shimbarovsky was born in 1974 in Kiev, Ukraine.

2012 - Master of arts, KNUTD (Kiev national university of technology and design), Faculty “Film/Video and Photographic Arts”. 

Professional photographer, graduated from college KNUTD specialty “Artistic Photography” received a degree in “photographer”

2009 – Member of the National Union of Photographers of Ukraine (NSFHU).

From January 2009 – in the art-group “Absinth reality” (with Vadim Shamanov).

In March 2009 – the first exhibition of art-group in the gallery of Foundation for Promotion of Arts Development (Kiev).

Since 2010 – Lecturer in the First National School of TV in Ukraine. (www.1tvs.com.ua)

•    October 2006 – A photo exhibition organized by the Kiev City Administration.
•    March 2007 – Exhibition of the journal “Mirror of Fashion”, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine.
•    November 2007 – Photo exhibition on the 40th anniversary of teaching of ours teacher, “teacher and his students”.
•    May 2008 – The International Fund for Lilia Podkopaeva “Healthy Generation “,
charity auction photo pictures, stylized painting – Alexander Shimbarovsky.
•    March 2009 – the first exhibition of art-group, Gallery of Art support fund “, Kiev, Ukraine.
•    April 2010 – “Galleri Stenlander”, Stockholm, Sweden.
•    May – June 2010 – “Galleri Stenlander” Taxinge Slott, Sweden.
•    June 2010 – International Photo Fair Kiev, photo competition “Panorama of my country”, the diploma ISF.
•    July – August 2010 – Exhibition of Art Group, Gallery, Art support fund “, Kiev, Ukraine.
•    September – October 2010 – Exhibition of Art Group, Literary and Memorial Museum A. Gren Feodosia, Crimea, Ukraine.
•    November 2010 – part art group at the art fair “ART Kiev Contemporary 2010.
•    December 2010 – Auction house “EPOQUE”, Kiev. Ukraine.
•    February 2011 – Participation in a charity auction, “Carnivalia”.
•    April 2011 – Exhibition of “Life in three dimensions “, National Library of Vernadsky, Kiev, Ukraine.
•    April 2011 – “Approximation. Kyiv – Munich” Part II “, Kulturwerkstatt HAUS 10, Furstenfeldbruck, Germany
•    October 2011 – “Wrong Side of the form”, an exhibition of the art “Absinthe reality.” Gallery «The House of Caviar Wine and Art Gallery» The Hague, Netherlands
•    May 2012 – International exhibition “I love The Hague” The Hague, Netherlands
•   January 2013 - UKRAINIANS ON THE COTE D’AZUR,  Centre Culturel de la Providence (Vieux-Nice).  Nice, Cote d’Azur. France